Lost in Yonkers

Although Simon does not make it easy, Judy Kaye and Kate Goehring make it work....Goehring's Bella is a whirlwind of enthusiasm and loose that it seems she could spin apart if not tethered by fear....[her] performance is crazily balletic...and achingly palpable.

- Tuscon Weekly

Lost in Yonkers

Even more impressive is Kate Goehring as Bella, the absentminded flibbertigibbet whose bubbling affection for her nephews and siblings is a reflection of her desperate need for the love denied her by her mother. When these two finally confront each other, the results are devastating. A pair of powerhouse performances.

- Arizona Republic

Lost in Yonkers

..but it’s when the scene transcends from comedy into something far more serious that the drama becomes all the more effective. When Goehring as the simple though animated and sweet-natured Aunt Bella faces her mother in a dramatic climax we care in the way you care for someone you have grown to know well, a rarity in a comedy.


Laughing Wild

But it is Goehring that takes your breath away … in a bravura, mind-bending performance … You really must see it to believe it.

- Chicago Sun-Times

Collected Stories

If only Uta Hagen had had Kate Goehring to act opposite.

- USA Today

Angels in America

Kate Goehring is the best Harper yet.

- USA Today

Heartbreak House

Kate Goehring is absolutely brilliant as the pseudo-sophisticate Hesione – a bohemian who lives in denial of her true feelings.

- Queen Anne News

The best element in director Jory's production is the acting…Two of the best performers are R. Hamilton Wright...and Kate Goehring whose rigorous vocabulary in the starring role of Hesione makes flightiness verge on taking flight.

- Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Carrie: A Period Piece (PS 122)

An eye-popping, rib-tickling comic horror ride … " where "the skills of puppeteer/effects creator Basil Twist … give the terrific Kate Goehring a chance to shine.

- The New York Sun

Exuberantly over-the-top from start to finish, with Kate Goehring as Carrie's repressed Bible-thumping mother turning in a particularly funny performance.

- The Villager

Syringa Tree

Kate Goehring stars as … both our hero and our filter … between what matters to one woman and what matters to the world.

- The Pitch Weekly

… Goehring performs with wit and propulsive energy…a subtle actress who makes a convincing transition from child to teenager to young adult.

- Kansas City Star


The price of gas willing, I would gladly return for [Goehring's] last performance.

- Times Sentinel

A deep and powerful performance … The final scene between the two nuns was the best this critic has seen. It left its mark.

- Time Argus

Orpheus Descending

Carol Cutrere (magically played by Kate Goehring) desperately wants to save Val from making a terrible mistake.


Private Eyes

Dietz's play was highlighted by his brisk writing and crisp direction, and particularly luminescent performances by actress Kate Goehring as Lisa (she played Harper Pitt in the national tour of "Angels in America'') and Lee Sellars as Matthew.

- Sarasota Herald-Tribune